Robin Hood Statue

Have you spotted Robin Hood and his Merry Men?

The World Wide Robin Hood Society has joined forces with the Sheriff of Nottingham to ask you to be on the lookout for Robin Hood and his companions and tell us about any instances where their names are being used.

It might be the name of a business, a place name or geographic location, a street name, a product - or simply an outline or image on a sign.

Wherever Robin and his legendary companions are hiding – we need you to search them out and send us the evidence. So if you live on Maid Marian Way or your local pub is called The Friar Tuck, please let us know.

The initiative is all part of an on-going research project set up by the World Wide Robin Hood Society and designed to help establish the true impact of the Robin Hood legend, both in the UK and around the globe.

Each month, the person submitting the most interesting sighting will receive a token “arrow pen” and a special scroll certificate, personally signed by the present day Sheriff of Nottingham.

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Wherever Robin Hood is hiding, the Society and the Sheriff want to know!

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